Please respect our country and the people who have served and are serving — Fly your U.S.A. Flag.

    Greetings! This is Richard Bramen, owner of America’s Favorite Flags. I am a proud Veteran that volunteered and served on-board our U.S. Navy Submarines, active and inactive for 30 years. When I was 19 years old, I was a crew member on-board The Fast Attack Submarine, USS Gudgeon (SS-567), the 1st Submarine of any nation to circumnavigate the globe. The slides below represent why I have such a respect for the American Flag and tells just a little bit of what I experienced while serving our great country:

  • USS Gudgeon (SS-567) At Pearl Harbor
  • "Gudgeon (SS-567) lighting off" www.navsource.org
  • Crew member: USS Gudgeon (SS-567)
  • Upon our return. Water spray was Red, White and Blue!
  • World Cruise Patch USS Gudgeon (SS-567)
  • Gudgeon Patch #1
  • Gudgeon Patch #2
  • U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Officer: Sea Cadet Training
  • Today, my patriotism is still strong.
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