Polyester II U.S.A. Flags

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We are proud to include Polyester II Rip Guard fabric in our product line. It’s the “top-of-the-line” choice in the polyester flag market. Woven of two-ply polyester yarn that combines the strength of polyester with additional richness of color that has made it a favorite nationwide. It’s the natural choice of flag users who need the extra durability that can be gained by using Poly II.

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U.S.A. FLAGS – Made of Polyester II Rip Guard Fabric.

All of our Flags are manufactured in the U.S.A. using quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Each beautiful flag comes sewn with Lock Stitching on the fly-end. However, America’s Favorite United States Polyester II Flags also include our Heritage II Design Accordion Folded Re-Inforced Fly-End Hem on each flag at NO EXTRA COST! This Heritage II Design Fly-End hem has 8 Extra rows of 100% reinforced Double-Lock stitching on the BACK SIDE using “Heavy Weight” TEX 45 thread – much strong than the industry’s standard flag fly-end reinforcement.

We include this ACCORDION FOLDED DOUBLE HEMMED FLY-END reinforcement because this special feature extends your flags’ life durability and your flag will last longer in high wind areas! The corners are folded under and Double-Lock stitched. The results of this process have been impressive! Our Heritage II Design’s ACCORDION DOUBLE HEMMED FLY-END flags should last 2 to 3 times longer! There’s absolutely no reason to take the risk of your next flag’s Fly-End becoming tattered too soon because there is no extra charge for this custom feature!

Quality and Strength

. . . describe why our American-Made, lock stitched Flags have always been your best value.  And now, at NO EXTRA COST to you, we include our Reinforced Fly-End hem techniques on every U.S.A. Flag.