My name is Richard Bramen, owner of America’s Favorite Flags. I’m a proud Veteran that volunteered and served on-board our U.S. Navy Submarines, active and inactive for 30 years. So, to me, when I see “The Red, White, and Blue” waving, it represents the people that devote themselves to the service of our country. I truly enjoy selling United States Flags because they remind me of those who fought for our country in the past as well as the brave men and women still fighting for us today. Yes, each one of us serves our country in different ways, but, “Old Glory” represents our Country’s ongoing belief in freedom and in one another.

 All too often, flags are in poor shape because many areas of our nation are windy. High winds and wet climates cause owners to be plagued by torn fly-ends on their flags. Once the fly-end starts to shred, your flag’s strength is compromised. Repairs and replacement can become expensive, especially when it occurs frequently. That’s why America’s Favorite Flags is always looking for ways to keep your flags flying stronger, for longer. The various styles of REINFORCED FLY-END HEMS are important to extending the life of all of our U.S.A. Flags. Our reinforced flags can take a lot of Stress and a “Heck of a Beating”! Be sure to review my prices along with the EXTRA FEATURES we offer. Compare the unique value to what you’re paying for your flag purchases.

Using today’s advanced technology and intricate stitching techniques, we provide the HIGHEST QUALITY U.S.A. Flags made in America today.  Every flag has been tested for strength, durability, lasting color, and fly-ability. Our exclusive reinforced Flag Fly-End Treatments are EXCEPTIONAL — We wouldn’t have it any other way!
Customers appreciate our high quality, durable, premium Flags and the
THREE, FREE EXTRA FEATURES included with every U.S.A. flag you purchase:



U.S.A. Flags Fly-End Reinforcement Treatments Include:

Our Heritage II Design

Accordion Folded, Reinforced Fly-End Hems for Polyester II Flags with 12 Rows of Double-Lock Stitching.

Our Signature Design

Reinforced MITERED Fly-End Hem for Premium Nylon U.S.A. Flags.

Our Continental III Design

Vertical Stitching & Reinforced Corners – Fly-End Hem for Poly-Max Flags or Endura-Nylon Flags.

Customers Love the Longevity of REINFORCED FLY-ENDS!

Here’s one example of our many previous customers who have, since 2012, ordered our Heritage II Design Fly-End Treatment: